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Launching a Challenger Brand in a Crowded Arena

In the age of gladiators, drinks marketed themselves. As a new contender in the modern beverage arena, Ancient Drinks needed an interactive storytelling website that lived up to the originality of its product.

MISC X Ancient Drinks

The MISC team was clearly sent from the gods. They’ve been with us from the beginning, helping with all aspects of our digital marketing throughout the fundraising process and launch of the product. It’s been great to work with a team that’s as committed to the brand as we are.”
Headshot photo of Josh Rogers of Ancient Drinks
Josh Rogers
CEO & Founder

Our Approach

Our digital artisans took existing physical brand creative and developed a design system and interactive website prototype to help our client partners raise the funds necessary to build a V1 of their marketing website.

Team Size

3-5 (scaled as required)


Multiple 2-3 month engagements

Goals & Objectives

  • Plant a flag for a novel sports drink in a crowded marketplace
  • Extend physical brand assets into the digital realm
  • Help the client secure funding for launch and growth by leaning into interactive storytelling

The Results

Once funding was secured, we were able to quickly and efficiently launch a splash page, followed by the full website in conjunction with the initial product launch.


  • Fleshed out the full brand design ecosystem by creating a bespoke look-and-feel for digital, inspired and expanded upon from early brand concepts and packaging comps.

  • We created user flows for conversion on Amazon and lead generation that seamlessly peppered itself into the greater site experience, bridging fun and functionality.

  • We built an animated prototype that was used to raise funds for the design and build of the completed website, as well as the launch of the product.

  • Collaborated with the founders on creating an immersive brand experience, using arresting visuals and historical fantasy-inspired copy to entice users to learn more about the product.

    • Seamlessly integrated development through Figma
    • 100% custom coded front-end, optimized for SEO and AA accessibility standards
    • Stood up through MailChimp’s API
  • Creation of lifelike 3D marketing assets for use on across platforms.

MISC X Talent

Contracting with MISC has been extremely rewarding and fun! From pay transparency and fabulous rates to the incredible pool of resources and great minds solving all kinds of complex problems and projects. A truly excellent team to work with!”
Headshot of Miche Sterling of MISC
Miche Sterling
Program Management Director
Working with the team at MISC was unlike any other agency experience I have had before. There is no hierarchical BS – just good people, making good work, getting the same rate. There were never any surprises and only full transparency in all facets of the business.”
Headshot of Marquia Walton of MISC
Marquia Walton
Sr. Program Manager

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