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A SaaS Platform Relieving Pain in the Supply Chain

Founded in the depths of COVID, Wellplaece emerged from the pandemic needing to pivot from a PPE marketplace to a platform for medium- to large-size medical practices seeking to overcome supply chain instability by optimizing inventory management and ordering workflows.

In order to successfully raise a Series A, Wellplaece needed help prioritizing and executing on an ambitious product design, development and testing roadmap, with a rebrand to boot.

MISC X Wellplaece

MISC is a dream team for any busy founder to work with. They’re always able to meet us where we are – geographically, strategically, financially – to give us the support we need. Being on retainer with MISC allows us to adjust our trajectory as needed, bringing in all star talent for any capability that we need bolstered in-house. They’re also directly invested in our success, which means a lot.”
Headshot Photo of Caen Contee of Wellplaece
Caen Contee
Founder & CEO

Our Approach

With so much to tackle, MISC and Wellplaece devised bespoke workstreams to address individual projects and business needs, with frequent high-level steering meetings to track progress.

Parallel tracks were devised, with one team assembled to focus on iterative product design, prototyping and testing while the other developed the digital brand guidelines to be deployed immediately in the creation of sales tools and, eventually, the product itself.

In order to allow for pivots as necessary, and for us to supply Wellplaece with the right mix of talent at any given moment, we structured the engagement as a series of six-month retainers. This allowed the client to safely manage burn while they were wooing investors.

Team Size

1-5 (scaled as required)


November ‘21 to Present

Goals & Objectives

  • Design a empathy-driven experience for frontline medical professionals in order to reduce red tape and get them back into the exam room with patients
  • Maintain a flexible collaboration model, bringing in specialist capabilities during key moments, allowing for pivots as needed
  • Focus on speed to market and product optimization using live, real world customer data

The Results

With the rebrand locked in and a fledgling customer base growing exponentially, Wellplaece closed a Series A in December of 2022. MISC continues to be fully embedded with the Wellplaece team and is currently working with them to create brand and product extensions for new user bases.

MISC is always on call to help my team adjust to user feedback at a moment’s notice in a way that allows us to pivot in real time. They know that we like to work fast, with a consistent team, and that’s exactly what they deliver for us.”
Ivan Bertona
CTO of Wellplaece


  • We created a user-segmented brand design system and extended it across all customer touch points, from marketing materials, to product, to internal business documentation.

  • Collaborated with product stakeholders to envision scenarios to prototype for user testing.

    • Provided on-the-ground senior- and director-level support to rapidly generate designs against hypotheses
    • Codified all design work as it moved from testing to production.
  • Collaborated with business stakeholders to identify and roadmap MVP features and user flows for testing, optimization, and launch.

MISC X Talent

Despite being a seasoned product manager and digital strategist, MISC was my first-ever contracting experience. I’ve been able to further my career growth, maintain a great work-life balance and maximize my earnings. Can’t be happier with MISC!”
Headshot of Hyejoo McKay of MISC
Hyejoo McKay
Product Director
Working with the team at MISC was unlike any other agency experience I have had before. There is no hierarchical BS – just good people, making good work, getting the same rate. There were never any surprises and only full transparency in all facets of the business.”
Headshot of Marquia Walton of MISC
Marquia Walton
Sr. Program Manager

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