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Modernizing Ecomm
for an Electronics Empire

When COVID caused home electronics sales to skyrocket, LG.com needed to rapidly modernize its D2C ecommerce experience to keep up with demand and match user expectations set by the big box retailers. This required an immediate doubling of capacity, including key specialist and leadership roles that wouldn’t be needed long-term.

MISC X LG Electronics

LG and myself personally were beyond happy with MISC's work, delivery and cultural enhancement of our teams across several marquee projects. We worked together for over 15 months and will work with them again when and where we need the specialized thinking, doing, and imagining that can only come from MISC. They absolutely left LG better than they found us.”
Headshot photo of Melissa Bannon of LG Electronics
Melissa Bannon
Vice President Customer Experience & Commerce, LG Electronics

Our Approach

MISC embedded key senior-level specialists and director-level managers within LG’s in-house UX, design, product management, program management, and content teams via full-time and often in-person collaboration.

Giving equal consideration to front-end UX and back-end architecture, we implemented an Atomic Design system and micro-services platform that would allow for limitless development and future iteration.

Team Size

3-14, scaled


15 months

Goals & Objectives

  • Establish Agile project design workflows
  • Waste no time by testing and optimizing the current site while planning and executing the larger redesign and re-platforming effort
  • Implement a tiered content strategy focused on truly educating users to generate better, more qualified sales
  • Increase cart size through bundling and cross-selling

The Results

Together, via four concurrent workstreams, we launched an ongoing series of vital upgrades to the website and back-end platforms, including a refreshed global nav, delivery scheduling, product subscriptions and upgraded service options while simultaneously deploying elements critical to the enhanced digital ecosystem, e.g., a Material-UI design framework, a new taxonomy for products, and upgraded PIM and DAM systems.

Most importantly, MISC catalyzed a complete “Blue Sky” re-imagining of LG’s digital business by introducing a culture of Agile design, testing and optimization that continues to live on beyond our engagement.

MISC was able to rapidly put together an embedded team that provided both effective short-term capabilities and longer term guidance towards building our internal structure and approach. MISC was invaluable in helping facilitate the efficient integration of cross-functional teams – from product and UX to engineering and operations – to quickly bring major site enhancements from concept to release.”
Headshot photo of Sten Hallock of LG Electronics
Sten Hallock
Director, Digital Product Management
LG electronics


  • Worked in Figma and InVision Design System Manager (DSM) to collaborate with LG and their in-house agency, HS Ad, to develop a state-of-the-art design system based in Material UI that allows repeatable styles to be updated at the flip of a switch and propagate throughout the system.

  • Took the design strategy and UX principles created by our friends at Studio Co.llab and turned it into actionable design requirements.

    • MISC co-founder Peter Gallo served 11 months as LG’s Interim Head of UX in order to grow and shape their internal practice.
    • Worked hand-in-hand with LG’s design leadership to modernize the design team’s skills and workflows, moving them from Sketch and Photoshop to Figma while our program mangers implemented Agile design processes and workflows.
    • Engaged a Design System Architect and Front-End Dev/Creative Technologist to establish a cross-functional process for documenting design requirements, dependencies, and functional specifications.
  • Collaborated with LG’s in-house experts to develop iterative user-testing plans that utilized rapid prototyping to confirm user validation and stakeholder consensus.

    • Engaged a top ecommerce taxonomist to assess 2337 active model IDs, allowing for implementation of PIM and DAM tools for the website as well as exporting to third-party retail sites and across channels.
    • Provided recommendations on metadata schema (in the form of PIM attribute types) in order to improve and future-proof LG's new taxonomy.
    • Introduced a hybrid Agile/waterfall approach to optimize collaboration with LG product owners, design leads and tech and QA leads to align on key business, content and technical requirements for approved net new features.
    • Managed additional stakeholder alignment and cross-functional team dependencies, including data and analytics, SEO requirements, legal and content constraints, and UX research.
    • Embedded a seasoned Senior Product Director to lead by example and take on complex product deliveries.
    • Introduced new Product Management practices in tailored product ownership scrum training, product strategy & use case generation, and user story formatting and generation shaping.
  • Crafted user-centric language systems across a variety of contexts, from UI components to editorial and support text, while collaborating with business leads to assist in developing scenarios, use cases and high-level requirements.

  • Played an active role in the process of filling key full-time hires on LG’s internal teams, including writing specialist job descriptions, identifying and interviewing candidates, and onboarding new hires.

MISC X Talent

Joining MISC as a designer was like joining The Avengers. Every member of the collective brings unique skill sets to the table, effectively eliminating all office politics that get in the way of getting work done.”
Headshot photo of Annie Zeng of MISC
Annie Zeng
Design Lead
Contracting with MISC has been extremely rewarding and fun! From pay transparency and fabulous rates to the incredible pool of resources and great minds solving all kinds of complex problems and projects. A truly excellent team to work with!”
Headshot photo of Miche Sterling of MISC
Miche Sterling
Program Management Director

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