Jewish Dems — Enterprise

Rebranding a Political Org in the Heat of an Election

With the 2020 general election cycle in full swing, The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) engaged MISC on a tight budget and timeline to re-platform their website and re-imagine their brand in a way that better reflected their mission.

MISC X Jewish Dems

MISC redesigned our website and logo at a critical moment of growth and change for our organization. Our new logo has become a source of identity and pride, and our website has helped showcase our content, grow our network, and encourage our supporters to take action. Both the logo and website were game changers, and we look forward to working with MISC again as we continue to elevate the public-facing image of our organization”
Headshot photograph of Halie Soifer of JDCA
Hallie Soifer
Chief Executive Officer, JDCA

Our Approach

With election day a mere four months away, we developed a refreshed logo and design system which was then rapidly deployed on a new website optimized for issue-based navigation, mirco conversions, and social proof.

Built on a CMS platform, the new site empowered the client to create their own content hub in order to keep up with the news cycle and act as the top of the funnel for donations.

Team Size



10 weeks

Goals & Objectives

  • Differentiate the JDCA brand from a similarly-branded right-wing org with an opposing mission and vision
  • Increase traffic and donations
  • Create a simple design system and website that amplifies editorial capabilities and minimizes technical debt

The Results

Since their rebrand and website launch in August of 2020, the JDCA has helped candidates win several key national battleground races for the House, Senate, and Presidency.

Coincidence? You decide.

Previously, the org relied almost entirely on in-person, event-driven donations. Today, online fundraising has added a powerful boost to their efforts. The website has also served as a critical communications tool, helping the JDCA to quickly react to events in the news that affect both the Jewish community and the candidates they support.

MISC's work immediately upgraded JDCA's online presence by providing us with a professional public image and tools to better educate our audience. MISC's upgrades to our brand and website played a key role in the growth of our movement.”
Samuel Crystal
Chief of Staff and Communications Director,


  • A refreshed logo evokes left-of-center progress while suggesting a convergence of the stripes of the American flag with the “D” of the Democratic Party.

  • We created a simple V1 design system that would be low cost and low effort to maintain over time.

  • We used Atomic Design to create templated components and set up a modular framework for easy page creation

  • The front-end and back-end build was considered at every part of the deisgn process in order to save money and create efficiencies in the build.

MISC X Talent

I’ve worked with MISC on four projects this past year. Each one was a masterclass in collaboration. They treated every client and contractor with the utmost courtesy and care, no matter how big or small.”
Headshot of Joshua Glazer of MISC
Joshua Glazer
Sr. Copywriter
Despite being a seasoned product manager and digital strategist, MISC was my first-ever contracting experience. I’ve been able to further my career growth, maintain a great work-life balance and maximize my earnings. Can’t be happier with MISC!”
Headshot of Hyejoo McKay of MISC
Hyejoo McKay
Product Director

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