Focus on Your Craft, Not Your Contracts

MISC is a fully-remote collective of senior-and-above agency veterans and client-side change agents that matches top talent with the clients and brands they deserve.

MISC is a rare collective where each member’s talents in their discipline inspires you to bring your A-Game. They’re very respectful of your time and give you complete independence, making it easy to balance a full-time job and exciting freelance opportunities.”
Anonymous Side-Hustling UX Director
Working with the team at MISC was unlike any other agency experience I have had before. There is no hierarchical BS – just good people, making good work, getting the same rate. There were never any surprises and only full transparency in all facets of the business. They were super understanding of my full-time work obligations which allowed me to take on freelance projects with them. A dream side hustle.”
Marquia Walton, Sr. Program Manager
The core team at MISC can rapidly move mountains that would normally take years through close and efficient collaboration with business partners, and being in such an efficient environment is very rewarding as a designer. They’re very receptive to your voice and contributions as a team member, and together they’re able to help you grow through the work.”
Anonymous Side-Hustling Design Lead
I loved contracting with MISC! My MISC colleagues were all smart, dedicated and highly talented. Because our project was staffed with experts in each discipline, I was able to focus my energy on what I do best: taxonomy management and information organization. Would work for MISC again in a heartbeat!”
Anonymous Sr. Taxonomist
Although we’re generally anti-carousel, we’re comfortable using one here because we don’t really need you to read all of this social proof about how great it is to work with us. We’re also curious to see how many people even see this quote, so smash that Contact button and let us know!”
Peter Gallo, Co-Founder

You Do You

Focus on your work and we'll do the rest (e.g., contracts, scopes of work, invoicing clients, getting you paid on time).

Get What You’re Worth

We afford to pay our collaborators top dollar for their labor value by maintaining the lowest overhead in the client services industry.

FT, PT or Side Hustle

We know that top talent is always busy. We’re flexible with hours, time zones and scoping – as long as we get to work with the best.

Be Part of a Real Team

Remote work can be a slog if you’re not having fun. We are repeat collaborators who actually enjoy solving problems together.

Clients You’ll Love

We only work with forward-thinking enterprise and start-up clients who have high standards for both us and themselves.

Never Boring

Work on innovative digital products you’ll be proud to show off in your portfolio.

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for an Electronics Empire

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